For many years I have experimented with terracotta: to form and fire it.
Following the course of natural development I found my way to

"More Minimalism"

and my "form" reduced.

I can say that:

" Less Is More "

" I Love The Beauty Of The Simplest Things!"

My art is based on a solid footing, ability and knowledge of the material.

From first principals, proportion and composition and the work of my hands is guided by my

Spirit And Emotions.


Constructive thoughts and ideas flow; line, form takes shape:

vertical - painful
horizontal - at peace
diagonal - changing character
the curve changing polarity bringing rhythm, beauty and motion
roundness - prose
angles - power

Flat surfaces curve into convex and then concave;
giving light and shade, so that every glance is new.
A shape has been formed.

The art form takes the creator into the abstract;
experiences and experience work together to
form the origins of life´s work, its development and fertility.

Mythology Becomes Plastic,

Impression Becomes Expression.

Terracotta is my favourite material, stoneware came to me during a symposium in 1993,
I fire this at 1280 C, giving toughness, hardness and weather resistance.

The material taking on the texture of limestone.

Through a commission I came to work in bronze which I have cast in Niederbayern at a well
known foundry.

Art is for me a creative energy boost, lifeline and philosophy.



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